Service & Maintenance

With the proper maintenance your shade or other weather protection structure will give you many years of protection and enjoyment.

Do shade sails and shelter structures require maintenance?

Yes, basic maintenance and care on a regular basis is necessary to ensure your installation maintains its original good looks and shape. We are happy to provide a cleaning and maintenance service for you

What sort of lifespan can I expect from my shade sail or weather protection structure?

Assuming it is well-maintained and tensioned at all times, your sail or shelter should outlast the 10 year fabric warranty

Can I take my shade sail down during winter?

We recommend you take your shade sail down where practical over the winter period, as strong winds and hail could damage it. Removing your shade sail over the summer holidays will also minimise the chance of vandalism, if your sail is located in a public area, school or place of business

Call one of 0800 consultants to discussĀ a Service and Maintenance Contract that covers the removal and reinstallation of your sunshade to cover these periods.

Our team ensures the correct tension is applied to the sail to prevent any damage, and will also inspect the sunshade for necessary repairs or maintenance.

Take the hassle out of looking after your weather protection structure – call one of our consultants about a service and maintenanceĀ  contract.