Design & Technology

Designed and installed correctly, your shade sail or weather protection structure will provide you with many years of use and pleasure. Do the ground-work, entrust your project to the professionals, then sit back and experience the benefits.

What should I look for in a supplier?

  • Are they well experienced in weather protection projects?
  • Does their experience match your project’s requirements?
  • Do they have strong technical back-up to ensure a successful project?
  • Do they provide all the services you require, eg obtaining resource consents on your behalf?
  • Do they hold adequate public liability insurance?
  • Do the guarantees and warranties they offer really stack up?
  • Do they have proven procedures  for processing customer disputes?
  • Are they happy to let you view examples of their work? Photos are useful, but it would be preferable if you could view an actual project on site
  • Will they provide you with references from past customers, or allow you to contact past customers for a verbal reference?

Place a great big tick against all these questions for your 0800 Sunshade consultant!

What should I think about before meeting with my supplier?

  • What are your actual needs , eg shade, rain shelter, wind shelter or a combination of the three
  • What are your specific design criteria.  Share with your supplier any photos or sketches of designs you have seen and admired
  • A budget you wish to work to
  • Any limitations or timelines that your supplier needs to work to

What advice can I expect to receive from my supplier?

The size, condition, limitations and location of every site are all different and clients have different requirements and tastes.  A good weather protection industry professional like your 0800 Sunshade consultant will advise what is best for your site.

Sometimes a compromise has to be made between technical feasibility, looks, shade efficiency and budget, but we work with you to arrive at the best outcome.

How can I be assured that the shade structure I choose will provide the amount of shade I desire?

Your shade installer should provide you with detailed information to guide your choice. 

At 0800 Sunshade we use latest 3D design software to provide a thorough site analysis and indicitive fall of shade. We can provide you with various season, time and day scenarios, so you can be confident you’ve picked the right design plan to meet your needs

What should I look for in shade fabric?

Not all shade fabrics are created equal. There are several things you should take into consideration:

  • Colour choice – every enviroment is different and choice of colour is personal.  Rainbow Shade’s Z16 shadecloth used by 0800 Sunshade has a range of 21 vibrant colours.
  • UV reduction and shade – UVR and shade factors vary between make and colour of shade cloth.  Z16 ranges from 88 to 99% UVR depending on colour.  Ensure that UVR claims have been verified by an independent testing laboratory.
  • The fabric warranty. Most shade cloths carry a 10 year warranty against UV degradation.  However few have been on the market long enough to have this tested in situ.  Rainbow Shade’s Z16 has been used successfuly throughout Australasia for more than 15 years.
  • Weight – Heavy shade cloth requires heavy (costly) support.  Lighter cloth like Z16 still has the strength to withstand all but the worst storms.

Rainbow Shade Z16 shadecloth has a reputation for quality that remains unmatched.  It is recommended by engineers and architects throughout Australasia and is the “fabric of choice” for kindies, schools and residential sites for its colour range, UV reduction and longevity.

Will I need council permission to install a weather protection structure?

Your supplier should be well-informed of council requirements in your area around the construction of a shade sail or structure, and will advise you as such. Your 0800 Sunshade consultant can even deal with the council on your behalf.