New Zealand and Australia have the highest per capita incidence of skin cancer in the world.  Protection from harmful UV rays is essential especially at a young age!

At 0800 Sunshade our sunshades and shade structures offer excellent protection from UV radiation and meet the requirements of the Cancer Society of New Zealand and Australian Cancer Council’s ‘SunSmart Schools’ accreditation policy. 

Our superior shade cloth offers up to 99% UV-B block and up to 97% shade (depending on the colour you choose). These values have been independently verified to Australian and New Zealand standards by the University of Queensland.

With a quality shade structure from 0800 Sunshade you will have the confidence that you have taken every possible precaution to protect you from the ravages of harmful UV rays making being outside safer and more comfortable.

The Cancer Society’s recommendations on effective shade design state that shade should:

  • it falls where it is needed when it is needed; this requires careful design by your sunshade consultants to take into account the exact areas to be covered and the angle and movement of the sun
  • it provides at least 94% reduction in direct UV radiation; your sunshade consultant will need to use shade cloth that guarantees this level of reduction, verified by an independant laboratory
  • it protects from indirect or scattered UV radiation eg from clouds not directly above the shade structure, from painted walls, concrete and sand.  Your shade audit should highlight all of these areas – and your 0800 Sunshade consultant will help you find attractive solutions that will reduce scattered UV.
  • it is comfortable and attractive so people will actually use it (or, it falls where people want to spend their outdoor times)