Z16 Shade Cloth

Rainbow Shade’s Z16 shade fabric is Australasia’s premium architectural shade cloth with Not all shade cloth is created equal … 0800 Sunshade uses only Z16 shade fabric.outstanding tensioning and protection properties.

Manufactured in South Africa, Z16 shade fabric has over 20 years of proven performance throughout the world protecting people, plants and furnishings from the sun’s heat and harmful UV radiation.

Its unique Z-construction using monofilament and tape gives Z16 its special properties including strength well beyond its relative weight and its tension memory which ensures a long-lasting well-tensioned look.

The Cancer Society of NZ and Cancer Council of Australia recommend UV reduction factors of not less than 94% for effective protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Z16 ‘s UV reduction factors vary by colour and a large proportion meet or exceed this standard.  Results have been   independently verified by the Queensland University of Technology.


Benefits for you, the customer:

  1. Premium quality and reliability – tried and tested throughout Australasia for more than 20 years
  2. Excellent shade and protection from UV – the best results for any shade fabric*
  3. Great colour range – choose from 25 clean, crisp colours
  4. Unique tension memory – your sunshade will keep its smart look for longer; no ugly “hammock effect”
  5. Fire retardency – tested according to and complies with NZ and Australian building codes
  6. Good Water Run-off – better than 90% water run-off at 15% incline during average rain showers
  7. 10 year warranty – against degradation by UV

“Australasia’s premium architectural shade cloth – why would you use anything else?”

Z16 Shade Cloth

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