Outdoor Screens

Fit one of our stunning clear or mesh outdoor screens around your patio, veranda,deck or outdoor area and increase your living space no matter what the weather.    You can choose from our wide range of screens and colours or choose between our Manual Roll-up screens or superior Ezytrak system.

  • Add style and value to your home           *   Extend your outdoors
  • Create more useable space                      *   Enjoy your outdoors – come rain, hail or shine
  • Reduce sun strike and glare                     *   Increase your privacy

Manual roll-up or wind-up screens

Our manual screens incorporate clear or mesh screens and are fitted to the patio or veranda by ropes, bungees or zips or wound onto a tensioned roller . Materials range from clear or tinted PVC with coloured edging, to micro-perforated PVC mesh that enhances privacy and screens the sun, yet retains an attractive silhouette view.

Rolled up manually these are our most cost effective outdoor screens.

Ezytrak – superior screen system

Our stylish and functional Ezytrak system is our premium screen system which incorporate a clear or mesh screen and the award-winning Ziptrak® – track-guided blind system.

  • The Ziptrak® component guides the screen material down a robust spline or track and holds it in place whatever the weather – with no zips, pulleys, bungees or billowing in the breeze.
  • Ezytrak systems have a quick-exit safety feature in case of emergencies; individuals can leave an area fitted with Ezytrak screens easily and rapidly.
  • Ezytrak is our most popular and most aesthetically pleasing outdoor screen system.

As the original stockists of Ziptrak® for the past 10 years, we know this product intimately, we know when to recommend it, how to make it work in tricky projects and we have the technical skills and product knowledge to ensure it is manufactured and installed for best results.

Whether it’s our Ezytrak system with the award-winning Ziptrak® spring-loaded blind component you’re after, or a manual roll-up screen, your 0800 Sunshade consultant is the expert and can demonstrate the options for you.

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