Your members and supporters deserve the best protection from the scorching sun and driving rain.

Custom-designed and fabricated shade sails from 0800 Sunshade are created specifically to suit your areas.  They are perfect for all outdoor mingling and eating areas and offer protection not only from the sun but can also be made to protect from rain.

Apart from looking particularly stylish our shade sails come in a wide range of colours – you are sure to find one that matches your club’s colours.  This will make your outdoor area even more inviting.

And our computer-generated 3D drawings will give you a really good idea of what your shade project will look like - and where the actual shade-fall will be at various times of day and year.

For more detail on why you should choose 0800 Sunshade for your next shade project, please refer to  The Sunshade Professionals and Design & Technology - or just call your local 0800 Sunshade consultant.  We would love to hear from you!