$33 million more could go towards education

January 30, 2013

Approximately $33 million dollars a year go towards fighting skin cancer in New Zealand.*

Just think how much those funds could help your childhood centre or school in the future, if they could be transferred from the health system to education.

Preventing our children and pupils from being exposed to harmful UV rays could do just that, as that’s how much skin cancer is costing our health system every year.

Exposure to UV radiation in childhood dramatically increases the risk of contracting skin cancer later in life.

In fact, science has shown that excessive exposure to the sun from age zero to 18 years is the single greatest cause of melanoma later in life.

The NZ Cancer Society’s SunSmart programme is an excellent initiative to help you protect your charges. 0800 Sunshade can help you towards achieving a SunSmart accreditation.

Speak to us today on 0800 786 742 and protect the next generation.

* Read more here.

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