The accessories from 0800 Sunshade are specifically designed around children’s fun and safety – and fabricated to withstand even their most energetic exuberance!

Pole Pads

Pole Pads help to make play areas a safe place for children to enjoy. Boys will always be boys, always running around and having fun. But sometimes their natural exuberance can lead to an accident. Pole Pads in play areas minimise the risk of injury during the inevitable collision between a child and pole!

Key features of our pole pads:

  • Pole Pads can be made to fit any pole circumference, be it wood or steel
  • Pole Pads are held together by a zip rather than velcro
  • Pole Pads are made from robust PVC over foam, and are available in a wide range of colours

Fun Shapes

Limited only by your imagination, Fun Shapes offer physical and mathematical challenges that can be played out indoors or out!

Great for making up obstacle courses, building structures, creating giant puzzles and going wherever the imagination leads. Children are captivated by the possibilities for play, without realising they are keeping active and learning at the same time!

Fabricated from foam covered by robust, easy-to-clean PVC, FunShapes come in a range of bright colour combinations.

Fun Shapes are sold in either sets or separately so you can customise your set. Click here for your Fun Shapes Catalogue

Your 0800 Sunshade consultant will be very happy to give you more detail on these versatile accessories – or to hear your ideas on further fun and safety opportunities!

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