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Downloadable Architects & Designers Product Manual

Thinking about incorporating superior outdoor weather protection into your next commercial, residential or educational project?  Ensure you have all the facts at hand & choose a product that will not only look good but stand the test of time!

Please click here (Download PDF) to download a copy of our Architects & Designers Product Manual:  Due to the detailed technical and commercial information included in this document you will require a password to download this document.   If you have not been sent a password or have forgotten it, please email stating your name, the architecture firm, landscaping design firm or building company you work for/operate and the city/town where you are based.

This manual includes details of our entire product range and provides general and technical information you will need to decide on which outdoor weather protection manufacturer you will approach to help in your next project.  We also have a hard-copy folder available which includes A4 sized fabric samples of our high quality fabrics to give you more of a ‘feel’ for what we do.  Please just ask if you would like one of these.

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